Stop Valve-Types and Working

What is stop valve

Stop valve (SVA) is very efficient and cost effective product. are having comprehensive range of stop valves which is used in various applications from household to industrial purposes.

Function of Stop Valve

The stop valves (SVA) are used to shut off flow of hot or cold water in plumbing fixture.  Stop valve is a valve system which is designed to stop flow of liquid through a pipe it is generally used in important machinery or a human workstation. There are many day to day applications in which we will find use of SVAs such as faucet, icemaker, bathrooms, dishwasher and washing machines.

Stop valve

A stop valve (SVA) can be operated manually or automatically. Manual SVAs generally have a screw handle to stop and allow the fluid to flow through the pipe, which is most commonly used valve in plumbing applications. These valves are installed in between the fixture and the piping which stub out from the walls or flooring. Stop valves permit to perform routine maintenance, for example, channel change and deplete cleaning, and in addition to supplant the whole apparatus or machine or make minor repairs, for example, changing gaskets or water supply connectors.

Types of stop Valve

Stop valves (SVA) are available in two types

  1. Angle-way Type
  2. Straight-way Type

Versions with Standard neck (SVA-S).

These valves are exceptionally intended to meet all modern refrigeration application prerequisites and are to provide favorable stream qualities and are anything but difficult to decimate and repair when vital. They support is very simple consequently Stop valves are favored by numerous refrigeration applications. The stop valve cone is intended to guarantee consummate shutting and withstand a high framework throb and vibration, which can be available particularly in the release line.

Design of Stop Valve (SVA)

Stop valve is designed with prospect to use in industrial refrigeration system it consist of three major parts namely valve cone, spindle, packing gland the brief description is given below.

  • Valve Cone :

The valve cone can be turned on the axle. Along these lines there will be no erosion between the cone and the seat when the valve is opened and shut and the extraordinary plan will maintain a strategic distance from cone turn because of throb and vibration when the valve is in vacant position. A Teflon fixing ring furnishes consummate fixing with least shutting power.

  • Spindle:

The spindle is made up of polished stainless steel, ideal for leap seal sealing.

  • Packing gland:

It is a low temperature packing gland that ensures a perfect tightness in the range: –60/+150°C (–76/+302°F). The packing glands are equipped with a scraper ring to prevent penetration of dirt and ice into the packing gland of the stop valve.

Features of Stop Valve

  • Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2).
  • Can be used in chemical and petrochemical applications.
  • Modular Concept :
    • Each valve is available with several different connection types and sizes.
    • Possible to convert Standard neck stop valve (MSVA-S) any other product in the MSVL family (regulating valve, stop check valve, check valve or strainer) just by replacing the complete top part.
  1. Fast and easy valve overhaul service. It is easy to replace the top part and no welding is needed.
  2. Optional accessories :
    • Heavy duty industrial hand wheel for frequent operation.
    • Cap for infrequent operation.
  3. Available in angle-way and straight-way versions with Standard neck
  • Each valve type is clearly marked with type, size and performance range.
  • The valves and caps are prepared for sealing, to prevent operation by unauthorized persons, using a seal wire.
  • Internal metal backseating: DN 15 – 65 (¼ – 2½ in.)
  • Internal PTFE back seating: DN 80 – 150 (6 in.)
  • Can accept flow in both directions.
  • Equipped with stainless steel bolts. Max. working pressure is52 bar g (7 range: –60/+150°C (–76/+302°F)

Advantages of stop valve

Because of reliable operation and best quality product Stop valve have following advantages

  • It is a very economic product with superior quality
  • Maintenance is very easy and they are simple to repair
  • Stop valve is very efficient product and doesn’t require any lubrication
  • User friendly application and easy to handle
  • Provides quality performance for longer life54 psi g)Temperature

Applications of stop valve  

As the Stop valve has many advantages over the conventional one they are used in many day today applications

  • Household water supply taps
  • Dishwashing machines
  • Washing machines
  • Bathrooms as well as main water supply control
  • Used in gardens for water supply and control



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