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What are Solenoid Valves?

A solenoid valve is a self-automated valve that is generally used to control the flow of gas or liquid. The solenoid begins by converting a high pressure electrical signal into an automatic movement. The signal is then passed to a coil and the movement takes place inside of the valve. In this article, we are going to specifically focus on Pilot operated Solenoid Valve.

Working of solenoid operated valve

Let’s have a look on primary operation of valve. A valve is attached to a pipeline which consists of upstream and downstream. Initially the upstream consist of pressure which passes to downstream when the valve is energized. The Valve consist of a circuit, when the circuit is energized the electromagnetic coils get energized and pulls the coils up allowing the flow of the fluid from the upstream to downstream. When the circuit is de-energized, the coil closes the flow of liquid/air. This is the basic principle that is used to open and close solenoid operated valves.

All types of solenoid operated valves, no matter the design, are specified to be one of two general types: either a direct acting valve or a pilot operated valve but there can be many more. So now we will be comparing few of Solenoid operated Pilot Valve, as well as discussing how it could help you to more effectively protect your dust collector system in the most efficient manner without compromising on any quality issues.

Types of Solenoid operated valve:

  1. Direct Acting operated Valves

In a direct acting valve, a coil magnetically opens the valve in a direct action, lifting the shaft and the seat of the valve without depending on outside pressure.

  1. Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valves

In pilot operated valves, the plunger opens the pilot opening and built-up pressure consisting of fluid causes the valve to open and close until coil remains energized.

Although piloted valves require less electrical energy to operate, they usually need to maintain full energy supply in order to remain in an open state, and they perform at a slower rate than direct acting solenoids. Direct acting valves need full power supply when opening the valve, as they can hold their open position even when they are operating on low power.

  1. Two-Way Solenoid Valves

The most common type valve is the two-way valve. A two-way valve only has two ports, whereas more advanced designs may have three or more, depending on what it will be used for. The two ports on a two-way valve are alternately utilized to allow flow of fluid/contaminated air as well as close it off. A two-way valve can be either “normally open” or “normally closed” style in its operation. With a “normally open” valve, the valve remains open until some type of electric current is applied to close the valve. By suspending the electrical power causes the valve to automatically reopen to its normal state. A normally closed solenoid operated valve is the most common one, which works in the opposite fashion, remaining closed until a power source causes it to open.

  1. Three-Way Valves

Three-way valves design come with three ports. These are mostly used when alternate and exhaustive pressure is required for working, as with a coffee machine or dishwasher.

  1. Four-Way Valves

These valves are designed to have four or more port connections. Four-way valves are mainly used with a double acting cylinder or actuator. In this valve type, half of the port connections are responsible to supply pressure, and the remaining half part of connections provides exhaust pressure. You can call these valves to be normally open, normally closed or universal.

Before purchasing a solenoid operated valve for dust collection system, you should do enough research and study to select the proper valve for your needs. Take note of what specifications will be required for the system, and consider what type of fluid will be used in operation. Also, you should check out what type of material should be selected for the seals. Whether your equipment uses gas or air, steam selecting the right valve is crucial task to its proper working for Dust collection system.

Maniks Pilot operated Solenoid valve:

Maniks is one of the solenoid valve manufacturers in India as well as solenoid valve suppliers for reverse pulse jet bag filters which are pilot operated. This Solenoid Valve price in India is very efficient and has only one moving part called as Spare diaphragm. Maniks Pulse Valve has exclusive springless construction. Because of such design it gives fast opening and closing and that enhance the life of the valve. Due to high speed operation of solenoid pulse valve it not only saves the compressed air but also helps to provide shock air wave for removal of dust from filter bags. Solenoid Valves have High Flow, Long life and quick diaphragm operation result into reliable and economical operation of Pulse Valve.

Maniks have many clients – OEMs, cement, oil, gas, coal manufacturers and other end users such as chemicals, food and beverages industries have expressed their fulfillment regarding the performance of our products for their bag filters. These users have been continuously selling products and their spares from us to meet their replacement as well as requirements. This has encouraged us to meet bulk requirements. Our initial objective is to provide to our customers’ requirements in quickest possible manner without compromising on the quality and brand of products. In short, we guarantee smooth and efficient delivery of products that comply with international standards with respect to quality. Maniks delivery data shows that 75% of our orders are shipped on the same day as the receipt of payment. Also, inspite of having high quality standards, our products are available at extremely competitive prices.


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