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Maniks is a leading manufacturer and Supplier of pulse jet valve from last 30 years; we are supplying the Dust Collector Valves to wide range of industries like steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bakery, oil and gas, railways, power etc. Mostly in any industry pulse jet valves are used in dust collector system to clean, gas or air flows, emission fumes. Pulse Jet Valves plays a vital role in any dust collection process, so performance and quality of valves are the major driving factor for all such industries. Our valves are known to give a very good performance in all sorts of industries and under all circumstances.

Pulse Jet Valve Function

Maniks has developed Pulse Jet Valve for reverse pulse jet bag filters which are diaphragm operated. These Dust Collector Valves has only one moving part called as Spare diaphragm. Maniks Pulse Jet Valve has exclusive springless construction. Because of such design it gives fast opening and closing and that enhance the life of the valve. Due to high speed operation it not only saves the compressed air but also helps to provide shock air wave for removal of dust from filter bags. High flow, long life and quick diaphragm activity result into reliable and economical operation of Pulse Valve.

Working of Pulse Jet Valve

Maniks Pulse Jet Valves are driven by integral solenoid pilot operator. At the point when the valve is charged, the trapped air above pulse valve diaphragm is quickly exhausted causing quick opening of main diaphragm pulse valve. When the pilot valve is discharged, air escapes through drain gap of primary pulse jet valve to adjust the diaphragm pressure and immediately closes the valve.

Duty Cycle: The relative duty time cycle for ac voltage is 20% and for DC voltage is 10 % .This implies energised time is maximum 1/5th of de-energised time for AC and 1/10th for DC voltage.

Installation: Mounting in any location will not affect Pulse Jet Valve operation. However good designing practice is to avoid scale and consolidated water entering valve body for disturbance free performance. Standard end connections of BSP are provided.

Types of Pulse Jet Valve

pulse jet valve design

MEP – 16 Pulse Jet Valve MEP – 18 Pulse Jet Valve MEP – 112 Pulse Jet Valve
A(Inch) 3/4” A(Inch) 1″ A(Inch) 1 1/2”
B(MM) 52 B(MM) 52 B(MM) 72
C(MM) 22 C(MM) 22 C(MM) 31
L(MM) 90 L(MM) 90 L(MM) 133
W(MM) 75 W(MM) 75 W(MM) 137
H(MM) 130 H(MM) 130 H(MM) 152
Weight Gms 750 Weight Gms 750 Weight Gms 1250


MEP – 114 Pulse Jet Valve MEP – 116 Pulse Jet Valve MEP – 120 Pulse Jet Valve
A(Inch) 1 1/2″ A(Inch) 2” A(Inch) 2 1/2″
B(MM) 72 B(MM) 94 B(MM) 94
C(MM) 31 C(MM) 45 C(MM) 45
L(MM) 133 L(MM) 167 L(MM) 167
W(MM) 137 W(MM) 165 W(MM) 165
H(MM) 191 H(MM) 229 H(MM) 229
Weight Gms 1570 Weight Gms 3000 Weight Gms 2600

Pulse Jet Valve Specifications

  • Electrical Standard Voltage
  • AC 50Hz… 24/220 Volts
  • DC…   24/Volts
  • fluctuation – + – 10%
  • 20 W   DC Current
  • 19 VA  AC Current
  • Maximum Medium Temperature 650C
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature 550C

Maniks Pulse Jet Valves Features

Low Air Consumption

  • Provides a more active (high force) and efficient (low air consumption) cleaning of the filter by
    • Shorter response time
    • Larger flow
    • Higher peak pressure
    • Special geometry of diaphragm and seat

Main features of maniks Pulse jet valve:

Reliable Function Higher Life
Better Performance Superior Corrosion Resistance
Ease Of Maintenance No Rust Jamming
Lower Power Consumption Lower air consumption
Faster Reaching of Peak Pressure Better cleaning of Bag Filters
Preventing air loss Promoting a greener world
High Diaphragm life Built with Hytrel which enhances life
Ease of installation Choke and noise free performance (Reduce operating noise)
Better flow characteristics Superior leak protection against dust

Why Only Maniks Pulse Jet Valve

For decades, we’ve been leading manufacturers of pulse jet valves to various hardware producers (OEMs) and to customers of dust collector valve in a large variety of industries, including: Cement Processing, Metal Plant, and Rubber Mixing/Processing. Agriculture industries, Pharmaceutical industry, Food and Beverages, Mining

MANIKS caters to its customer’s requirements, provides quality service and technical support through a dedicated and highly experienced team of agents and a global network of local offices.

Maniks Pulse Jet Valves have a precise quality management system; we are viewed as the outstanding producer, exporter and supplier of optimum grade Pulse Jet Valve. These valves are delivered using high quality material and excellent techniques in adherence to set industry standards, that’s why our pulse valves have longest life similarly We provide these high Quality product at a very competitive Price.

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