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Dust Collection System is used to collect the dust particles in terms of dust, harmful gases, chemical particles, and hazardous floating materials in the air or gas produced during the production process. It eliminates pollution in industry areas and ultimately increases productivity. A best class quality Dust Collector System in your industry generates, huge amount of ROI and saves a lot of energy, eliminates pollution in industry areas and increases productivity. Dust collector parts manufacturer are manufacturing these systems on large basis to many different industries. These industries include cement, oil and gas, coal, foods and beverages, steel, metals etc.

There are different types of dust collector systems that includes Wet Scrubbers, Electrostatic precipitator (ESP), Inertial Separators, Fabric filters, unit collectors, Bag Filters/Bag type dust collectors, Centralized dust collection system, Cyclone/Multiclone dust collectors.  Dust Collector consist of many different dust collector equipment’s such as  Pulse Diaphragm Valve, Pilot operated Solenoid Valve, Air operated valve,  Bag filter, baffle plate, sequential controller etc.

If you have a large, no matter small cement, oil, gas, metal industry you can consider these dust collector systems. Below given details of all the best brands and dust collector equipment’s with its detail description. You can choose the right/appropriate one from below.

  • Maniks:

Maniks is the most famous Indian brand dust collector parts manufacturer with the ancient history with 30 years. These dust collector equipment’s include pulse jet diaphragm valves that are used in sequential timers and bag filter applications in combination with them. Many industries such as cement, steel, oil and gas, metal etc use these valves that are embedded in dust collector systems. This organization was founded by Mr. Shekhar Kulkarni, an IIT Mumbai former student, with a dream to substitute imported items with Indian make items. The initial aim was to manufacture good products with excellent quality and service.


We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our organization aims to exceed the “demands and expectations” of our clients for continuous orders and build strong customer relationship. Hence “Brand Loyalty” is the main highlight of our association which motivates us for rapid improvement.


A large number of our clients – OEMs, steel manufacturer and other many customers such as cement and food industries have conveyed their full satisfaction in regards to the

performance of our dust collector equipments for their bad filters. However these users have been continuously buying our products and their different spares from our organization to meet their requirements and also their replacement requirements. Maniks Pulse Jet Valves have a precise quality management system; we are viewed as the outstanding producer, and exporter and supplier of optimum grade Pulse Jet Valve. These valves are delivered using high quality material and excellent techniques in adherence to set industry standards. Our offered Pulse Jet Valves are mostly used in dust collection system for controlling pressure. It is made available in different specifications for our clients to choose from.


Different types of Dust Collector Equipments we manufacture:

1) Pulse Valve

2) Spare Diaphragms

3) Sequential Controller


  • Pulse Valve:

Maniks is the dust collector parts manufacturer of Pulse Valve and Pilot Operated Valve for reverse pulse jet bag filters, and offers precisely designed product that customers need. These Dust Collector Valves has only one moving part called as Spare diaphragm. The dust collector parts manufacturer called Maniks Pulse Jet Valve has exclusive springless construction. Because of such design it gives fast opening and closing and that enhance the life of the valve. Due to high speed operation it not only saves the compressed air but also helps to provide shock air wave for removal of dust from filter bags. Long life, High flow, and quick diaphragm opening and closing activity result into reliable and economical operation of Pulse Jet Valve.

Dust Collector Parts Manufacturer Pulse valve
Maniks Pulse Valve

   Pulse Valve Operation:

               Maniks Pulse Jet Valves are driven by integral solenoid pilot operator. At the point when the valve is charged, the trapped air above pulse valve diaphragm is quickly exhausted causing quick opening of main diaphragm pulse valve. When the pilot valve is discharged, air escapes through drain gap of primary pulse jet valve to adjust the diaphragm pressure and immediately closes the valve.

Duty Cycle: The relative duty time cycle for ac voltage is 20% and for DC voltage is 10 % .This implies energised time is maximum 1/5th of de-energised time for AC and 1/10th for DC voltage.

Installation: Mounting in any location will not affect Pulse Jet Valve operation. However good design practice is to avoid scale and consolidated water entering valve body for disturbance free performance. Standard end connections of BSP are provided.

  • Spare Diaphragms:

Maniks is also the dust collector parts manufacturer of Spare Diapharagm. Pulse jet valve has only one and most important moving part called Diaphragm. This Diaphragm is located inside pulse valve and is responsible for continuous flow of air from one end to another. These diaphragms mainly focus on controlling the flow of fluids containing suspended solids. Hence the diaphragm should have longer life span so Maniks built it with Hytrel to enhance the life of system.

Dust Collector Parts Manufacturer Spare Diaphragm
Maniks Spare Diaphragm

The Maniks Spare diaphragms are made application-specific because it is the only one dust collector parts manufacturer who manufacturers it in different kinds of materials like Imported polyester(less expensive), viton(for high temperature), neoprene. Because of these high grade materials used for making diaphragm it reduces cost and are corrosion resistant. Maniks Diaphragms offer the flexibility of being installed in any position of Pulse Jet Valve.

Maniks diaphragms are used in variety of valves such as Pulse Jet Valves, Solenoid Valves, Pilot operated valves, Pneumatic Valves etc. We can design the dust collector equipment’s for any sizes of systems as required by customers. We use less expensive and imported high grade material by keeping customer budget in mind. Hence Maniks provides top quality Spare Diaphragms at Best Price with an add-on of longer life as compared to other manufacturers.

  • Sequential Controller:

Maniks is also the dust collector parts manufacturer of Sequential controller. General working of Dust Collector Controller or Sequential Controller is, to sprinkle air on baffle plate. When sequential controller sprinkle air, the dust that resides on baffle plate, while the Dust Collection is in process, is again collected in the filter bag. The dust is collected by using Dust Collector Controller is in timely manner as required by Customer.




Dust Collector Parts Manufacturer manik-sequential-controller

There are different types of Sequential Controller:                                                                                                           1) Solid State Sequential Controller/Sequential Timer:

The pilot valves used on dust collector system can be operated using Sequential Controller. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used to provide visual indication of which pilot valve is being charged as well as it gives “Power On” indication. The series of sequenced steps is customizable  from 2 through 10.To adjust the length of time between valves being de-energized (Off time /  Pulse Frequency) and the length of time that the valve is energized ( On time / Pulse Duration) controls are provided. All logic functions and timings are controlled by Silicon semiconductor components

To Start and stop the Controller Two independent methods are provided. They are as follows:

1) The first method will consequently stop the sequence and reset the Controller to the initial valve position whenever A. C. power is detached and then again reconnected.

2) The second strategy is by a remote control contact associated with the terminals provided. At the point when the remote contact is opened, the execution stops. When the remote contact is released, the execution proceeds from the previous.

2) Micro Controller Based Bag Filter Timer:

The Dust Collector Controllers of this sequence can be programmed to suit customer’s actual necessities which are micro controller based units.

The two basic modes of operation are: a) Program Mode b) Manual Mode

  1. a) Program mode: The unit can be programmed to follow desired set of instructions as specified by client.
  2. b) Manual Mode: We can process output (Pilot Valves) serially. This controller has been used to work on solenoid pulse valves that are used in dust collector systems.

The Micro Controller Based Bag Filter Timer/Sequential Controller provides timed series energization of connected loads. The Pilot valve will remain energized for the length of time as indicated by the setting of the “ON “control, when power is applied to the controller.

When we keep MENU key pressed on keyboard for approx 3 sec, we can select “PROGRAM MODE” for modification in data of various specifications.

Maniks Dust Collector Equipments are designed to provide the longest possible service life. We also provide High Quality product at competitive Price. Through a dedicated and highly experienced team of agents and a global network of local offices, MANIKS caters to its customer’s requirements, provides quality service and technical support. For decades, we’ve been leading manufacturers of pulse jet valves to various hardware producers (OEMs) and to customers of dust collector valve in a large variety of industries, including: Cement Processing, Metal Plant, and Rubber Mixing/Processing, Agriculture industries, Pharmaceutical industry, Food and Beverages, Mining.

  • ASCO:

ASCO provides the world’s best compatible automation solution for dust collector systems. It is a dust collector parts manufacturer which include switches, ultra-reliable valves and other equipment’s come with guaranteed accessibility and localized support that no other make can coordinate. ASCO is a leading manufacturer of Asco Pulse Diaphragm Valve, Solenoid & Pressure operated Valve, Cylinders and Actuators, Pneumatic Valves etc.

  • Rotex:

Rotex has reached new heights in the manufacturing market for meeting the demands of dust collector parts. It is the leading dust collector parts manufacturer such as Angle Valves, Spool Valves, Mechanically Operated Valves, Valve Limit Switches and Pneumatic Elements, Diaphragm Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Actuators. It has designed these equipment’s as per needs of customers. Rotex manufactures these products in different specifications like its design, shape, and size.

  • Dwyer:

Dwyer’s mission is to continuously improve its position as a Global Leader in manufacturing and designing new Sensors, Controls and Instrumentation Solutions. It is a dust collector parts manufactures, mainly valves, sequential timer board etc. Our main aim is to meet and exceed customer and market expectations and provide high quality, readily available and reliable products and solutions.

  • Danfoss:

Danfoss Industries is a leading dust collector parts manufacturer which focuses mainly on energy and climate efficient solutions. It meets the increasing need for food, infrastructure, climate friendly solutions etc. Danfoss manufactures different kinds of dust collector parts such as AC Drives, Commercial Compressors, and Industrial Automation etc.

  • SMC:

SMC Corporation of America has been a leader in dust collector parts manufacturer mainly focuses on pneumatic technology. They provide industry with products and technology that supports automation. This technology is based on guiding principle that contributes to automation labor savings in organization.SMC manufactures different products such as Actuators, Airline Equipment, Electric Actuators, Fluid Process Valves, Sensors and Switches and many more….

  • MAC Patented Valves:

MAC designed innovative products which have earned an industry wide position for reliability and reputation as a dust collector parts manufacturer. Its valves have a balanced design, and many other factors.MAC manufactures a variety of dust collector parts like Bullet Valve, Liquid Bullet Valves, Pulse Valve, and Serial Solutions.














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