Adiabatic Cooling System and its Working

What is Adiabatic Process?

Adiabatic cooling system  is the process of reducing heat energy with the help of conventional natural methods like sprinkling of water to maintain the temperature. It is very traditional methodology initially used by Roman, Australian, Chinese and Persian Societies. The concept comes into picture from the evaporative air conditioning systems at homes where water is added to a pad or rooftop through which air is pinched into reduce the temperature. Because of which we will obtain lower temperature at the input which will reduce the energy costs converting the air to the required temperature. This principle is known as “Adiabatic cooling” process.

Working of Adiabatic cooling System

Adiabatic cooling system is designed for an Econet system especially for the use in the greenhouses of nurseries or the farms to protect the plants from excess of sunlight. It is one of the energy saving product which works on the process of adiabatic cooling. It uses water sprinkler for temperature control with the help of sensor and PLC based controller.

Adiabatic cooling system

In adiabatic cooling system the water sprays are connected in series to provide adiabatic cooling to the incoming air stream it is been initiated via ambient sensor or through refrigeration head pressure override. As the temperature exceeds beyond its limits the Econet controller initiates water spray to reduce the overall temperature for the condenser which will ultimately reduces the condensing pressure to save the energy required to maintain the system temperature   at the time of high ambient periods.

Temperature Controller in Adiabatic

The temperature controller of the adiabatic cooling system is working with volt free inputs with internal override terminals. It is a customized intelligent PLC based controller which can be adjusted by the operator to pre set the values of desired temperature. Water is sprinkled periodically on the mesh or net to lower the temperature. Spray rate and duration are adjusted by the controller to suit the ambient conditions which causes minimal water consumption.

The temperature set limit and intermittent spray is initiated when the terminal of the controller is linked. This facility can be used to provide head pressure or manual remote override flexibility


Advantages of Adiabatic Cooling System

The adiabatic cooling system provides best temperature control with following advantages

  • In adiabatic cooling system Temperature control is carried out without human interactions
  • Conserves more energy as compared to conventional systems
  • Adiabatic cooling system is Very economic and user friendly device
  • Automotive temperature control of greenhouses is possible by adiabatic cooling process without human interaction.
  • In adiabatic cooling system econet has been fitted to units worldwide where its licensed water splash innovation has went with numerous organizations to lessen their vitality power with insignificant endeavors. The framework once fitted is essentially support free.
  • Econet uses the age old adiabatic cooling principle and a ‘ambient controller’ to reduce the temperature of air before it is drawn into the heat rejection coil of an air conditioner, reducing the temperature at input to lower energy costs.
  • It offers you the best pre-cooling. With electricity costs on the rise, investment in an Econet System will have a quick payback period – less than one cooling season.
  • In adiabatic cooling system water consumption is minimized as the spray is intermittent and only activated when required, hence it consumes up to 79% less water than any other wet system. With no reservoir and a large droplet size, there is no chemical treatment required and no health risks.
  • It can be reconstructed to make any size and shape of air conditioning and refrigeration unit, (mini split, air-cooled chiller, rooftop unit) without affecting warranty.
  • Adiabatic cooling system is  Highly cost effective, the system is easy to install, and is sold as a kit to suit the application.

Applications of Adiabatic Cooling System

Because of ease of installation and automatic control on temperature adiabatic cooling system is used in variety of applications some of them are listed below

  • AC condensers and dry cooling applications
  • Air conditioning applications
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Greenhouses
  • Adiabatic cooling system is use in Unitary also

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