Top Quality Ammonia Purifier By Maniks


System Cleaner removes the Water, Dirt and Oil from Ammonia System that air purger leaves behind

The Manik WDO is the only system cleaner that boosts :

  • Lower Installation Cost
  • Self Regulating Operating
  • VeryLow Maintenance
  • Shortest Payback Time
  • Energy-Neutral Operation

Water in ammonia refrigeration plants :

Analyses have shown that the typical content of water in ammonia used in industrial refrigeration plants is about 1-6 %, in worst cases up to 10%. Water in ammonia leads to increased power consumption, corrosion and results in decomposing oil, which contaminatesthe plant.

Water, dirt and oil residues are unavoidable in the kinds of large industrial refrigeration plants where ammonia is often used. This causes many problems in the plant in general, and in the compressors in particular.

This means that the standard maintenance intervals prescribed by System integrator are no longer sufficient and the over-all operating costs reach an unnecessary high.

  • Water causes the oil to decompose.
  • Dirt is deposited in filters, valves, heat exchanger and pipe systems.
  • Oil residue causes contamination, particularly in the case of evaporators and low-pressure vessels.

How you can tell if there’s water in your system ?

Air-purgers only removes non-condensible like air. If your air-purger has been venting air, it’s been leaving behind the water vapour that’s always in the air. If your recirculating evaporator operating a few degrees warmer than the pressure indicates, this could be due to water in Ammonia.

If water comes out of your oil pot before the oil, there is water in your system. You can easily measure the concentration of Water in your system with the graduated Ammonia Sampling Container.

The High Cost of Water :

With the water in the system evaporator pressure must be lowered to maintain the desired temperature. For example 0°F with 5% water in Ammonia must operate at 14.3 psig instead of 15.7 psig So your compressor must work harder, and use more energy.

The graph (on next page) shows the extra energy cost to an ideal system operating with a 0°F evaporator and 95 F condenser. For 100TR system operating 24/7 with 5% water in Ammonia, the extra electric power is around $2000 per year depending on local rates.

Water Present 0% 10% 20%
Comp Exit Temp 0°F 10°F 23°F

WDO Installation :

While the WDO most typically accepts cold liquid ammonia from pump separator, it also draw the ammonia from intermediate coolers where water accumulates.

WDO Advantages :

Lower Installation Cost :

Because it requires only a simple level controller, solenoid valves and a few isolation valves, the Manik WDO keeps the cost of installation to a minimum.

Self- Regulating Operation :

The unique design of Manik Anydrator allows it to operate continuously. It easily handles system upsets without re-introducing water and contaminants to the pump separator after they have been removed.

Shortest Payback Time :

Thanks to its low initial cost, the Manik Anhydrator pays for itself in least amount of time.

Energy Neutral Operation :

Unlike many other system cleaners, the Anhydrator uses sensible heat from the high pressure liquid to separate the ammonia from water and other contaminants. Instead of being wasted, the resulting flash gas is now doing useful work: cleaning your system.

Very Low Maintenance :

Batch-type system cleaners must be monitored and drained at unpredictable intervals. Its self-regulating operation and ability to safely return ammonia to the pump separator make the Manik WDO virtually maintenance free. Start it up and let it run. Drain Water and contaminants at your convenience.

The unit will hold the water and contaminants indefinite. Reduced power consumption by the plant compressors Reduced wear and tear on compressors and valves Elimination of cumbersome oil draining A very clean plant Optimal performance of the refrigeration plant Reduced maintenance costs Less down time Improved operating cost

Special Services
  • We offer special service for your existing system components for pneumatic pulse application, to recondition your inoperative valves and assure operating reliability as good as new . DO NOT scrap your valves (ONLY IMPORTED) unless inspected by our experts.
  • We provide special enclosures for timers such as flame proof enclosures , SS enclosures , FRP enclosures , IP65 enclosures on request.
  • We also cater to special requirement such as flame proof enclosures for valves.